Got Acne?

Acne. Yes, UGH acne. The worst thing to ever happen in life…well not the worst but it can definitely feel that way. Imagine, waking up on a bright, sunny day to the lovely birds chirping in the trees and as you step in the got a whole island on your face. Depressing huh? Well, many people around the world have had this moment a couple of times a year or possibly all the time depending on the severity of it. It can seriously suck. You notice it and you are not quite sure if others notice it as well. Walking around, you wonder to yourself if someone will randomly come up to you and say the infamous “Moley, Moley, Moley” taught from Austin Powers. But they won’t. In your mind, you have convinced yourself it is worse than it actually is. And to be honest, that paranoia will cause more acne. So BEWARE. However, though, I am here to try to save the day. No, I do not have a magical wand to make it all disappear, but I am going to provide you with some helpful tips I learned to help avoid these occurrences.

The facial descriptions below will explain why you get acne in those specific locations and tips to avoid them.


1 & 2 : Forehead Acne
Forehead acne is directly linked to the digestive system. This area rises in acne when a person eats too much junk food like packaged goods and fast food. Although quite delicious, STAY AWAY. Not only does junk food play a part in an acne breakout, but stress and inadequate sleep can cause acne in this area. Drink more water and stray away from the toxic food.

3 : Eyebrow Acne
Eyebrow acne is directly linked to the liver. This area is prone to breakouts if a person consumes too much dairy, alcohol, and junk food (Yes, again with the junk food!). Poor circulation also causes this area to breakout. The best thing to do is to stray away from having “too much” dairy, alcohol, and junk food. Also, it is best to exercise regularly and get an adequate amount of sleep.

4 & 10 : Ear Acne
Ear acne is directly linked to the kidneys. The main concern for this area is the lack of hydration. Keep water in your system! It is very dangerous to become dehydrated, especially for too long. Drink, drink, drink…water, that is. Try to avoid overly caffeinated drinks that contain a massive amount of sugar. Additionally, too much alcohol can have the same effect as the sugary drinks so like I say, turn up on water!

5 & 9 : Cheek Acne
Cheek acne is directly related to the respiratory system. Yes, it deals with our vital function, breathing…but in this sense, it is a bit different. Acne in this area comes from a polluted environment, whether outside or what you place on your face. Allergies as well as dirt from cellphones, pillowcases, fingers, and so forth can strike up a breakout if you are not careful. Stay clear! Wash your sheets every week with hot water, keep your hands off your face, clean your phone…and as for allergies, well we do not have much control over that. The weather and its minions in the sky are another story. Stay on top of your medications, if possible. Additionally, another cause of cheek acne is sugar. SUGAR. You know what that is. Don’t catch amnesia. It will in fact cause some serious issues for you, as you can see. Try to keep your sugar intake to a minimum you sugaholics.

6 & 8 : Side Eye Acne
Side eye acne, no not giving someone the stare of death. This type of acne catches you when you least expect it, on the side of your eyes. Who would think? Well, it happens. This is directly linked to the kidneys. This acne usually arises as a means to signal that a person is dehydrated. So drink up…that is also the reason a person is experiencing dark circles (not always the case though).

7 : Nose Acne
Nose acne is directly linked to the heart. No, this does not mean you are going to die. It just means that you have to be more cautious about what you put in and on your body. For instance, junk food especially spicy food can cause acne on the nose. Nose acne can also be an indicator that a person has a Vitamin B  and Omega 3 & 6 deficiency. Keep up on those vitamins even if they are the Flintstone Chewable ones (yeah, those are the best). Moreover, the acne could even arise from the pores being too clogged from heavy makeup. Try a lighter foundation, you may never know.

11 & 13 : Side Chin Acne
Side chin acne is directly related to the hormones, ladies. Ugh, tell me about it. I get tired of hearing about it every month. We do not get a break. Well, this is where the infamous PMS acne comes from. Oh yeah, stress plays a part too. As if we aren’t already. Well, to be honest, the best thing to do is stick it out, eat clean, and get some GREAT rest.

12 : Middle Chin Acne 
Middle chin acne is directly linked to the digestive system. What can I say? You are clogged up and need to eat more fiber. The toilet is calling your name. Yeah, I said it.

14 : Neck Acne
Neck acne is an indicator of stress and illness. When a person becomes ill, he/she will display signs of their sickness by breaking out around or up the neck. Please, take care of yourself if this is the case. Contact your doctor if it gets bad. If that is not the case, neck acne is also a sign of stress. As if you are not stressed enough, now to worry about acne on the neck? It can be quite frustrating. Well, take a breath. Count to three… clear your mind by focusing on things you enjoy. Focusing on the acne will only make it worse.

I am sorry, I do not have the magic cure for acne..but I sure hope these descriptions can allow to become more aware as to what is causing the acne. You cannot find a solution if you do not know the root of the problem. No matter how minor or severe it is, think positive. Try to tell yourself it can be fixed, because it can. It will take time…but whatever you do…DO NOT OBSESS OVER IT because it will ONLY make it worse.


Written by Ashlee Scott, blogger

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