Attracting Opposites

Cuffing season. Yeah, we have all seen it broadcasted through most forms of social media. The time period where all of a sudden people want to be “cuffed” to another person. Quite honestly, mostly because the holidays. There are a few who are actually seeking long-term companionship. Whatever the reason may be. The people we … Continue reading Attracting Opposites

Got Acne?

Acne. Yes, UGH acne. The worst thing to ever happen in life...well not the worst but it can definitely feel that way. Imagine, waking up on a bright, sunny day to the lovely birds chirping in the trees and as you step in the got a whole island on your face. Depressing huh? Well, … Continue reading Got Acne?

Personality Profile: Aries

Aries, mostly known as "The Rams," have birthdays that fall between March 21 to April 19. As you can probably guess, these powerful rams would fall into the fierce element of fire. People under this sign usually possess the following characteristics: Positive Traits: Courageous Assertive Individualistic Motivated Independent Passionate Negative Traits: Impulsive Vulnerable Hot-headed Selfish Bossy … Continue reading Personality Profile: Aries